Oakwood manufactured homes floor plans

Choosing the Type of Oakwood Manufactured Homes Floor Plans

oakwood manufactured homes floor plans


The only constant thing in this world is change and even the type of homes that people live in now are keeping up with the times – the modern times. Modernization allows people to live on such a fast pace.  People hardly wait nowadays that is why they just opt to buy manufactured homes or mobile homes, as they famously called. There are many manufacturers of mobile homes and one of them is Oakwood mobile homes.  Oakwood manufactured homes floor plans range from small to large and from single section units to multi-section units.  Oakwood homes floor plans also come in different price range that allows people to have more choices. 

When you are to buy a manufactured home, you need to factor in many things and one of which is the type of Manufactured homes floor plans that you would have for your home.  Are you going to choose a single section unit?  Do you prefer to have a multi-section unit?  To help you decide on this aspect, here are some things you need to take into account:

Single Section Oakwood Manufactured Homes Floor Plans

A single section comprises of only one main unit that may come in variety of sizes – including the price. On the average, they measure about 1,100 square feet of space and may cost about $30,700. Since it only has one main unit, they are faster to manufacture and they are much easier to put up. Therefore, if you are in a sort of haste to build your manufactured home, then Oakwood manufactured floor plans with a single section is ideal for you. 

You must take into account, though, that they are not without problems. When you have a single section manufactured home, the most common problems that you may encounter are those concerning the roofs, windows, doors and floors.

Multi Section Oakwood Manufactured Homes Floor Plans

When you opt for multi-section, you are going to get more sections pieced together. The usual size would come in double-sections or triple sections. The price is slightly pricier than single-section homes.  In addition, the more pieces that you choose would generally be more expensive. Triple sections are much more expensive than double-section floor plans. On the average, a double section home floor plan would cost about $55,100 for 1,700 square feet of living space.

Just like single section floor plans, you may also encounter problems with those of multi-section floor plans and this may be at the point of connection where the pieces are joined. 

Knowing each of these factors for single section or multi-section, you can now choose which of them you would like to have as a home. When you opt to buy the floor plans, you need to ask your retailer about the specifications, features, and designs that each floor plan may have. Moreover, you also need to consider the size of your land before you choose any of the Oakwood manufactured homes floor plans.


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